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  • The Modern Man
    Actor Ty Burrell can’t possibly be anything like the character he plays on the hot new sitcom Modern Family. He can’t try so hard that he bumbles into dorkdom. He can’t be sweet to the point of obliviousness. Right? Right?
    The Penn Stater, January 2010
  • Back From the Dead
    A doctor is reviving patients through a radical new procedure for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. But his work also raises a bold question: When are we really dead?
    Philadelphia Magazine, December 2009
  • Dawn’s Dark Days
    As her husband, Larry Mendte, was pleading guilty to federal cyber crimes and telling the world he’d had an “improper” relationship with Alycia Lane, Fox 29 anchor Dawn Stensland had to hold it together so she could report the news every night on TV. Now, in an exclusive interview, Stensland speaks out about the e-mails she discovered, her recent miscarriage, why she’s been able to forgive her husband, and why she can’t yet forgive herself.
    Philadelphia Magazine, January 2009
  • The Very Public Self-Destruction of Alycia Lane
    The inside story of a meltdown.
    Philadelphia Magazine, February 2008
  • A Spy Like Us
    What do you do when you find out the girl you roomed with in college is the most famous CIA spy in the U.S? A profile of Valerie Plame.
    The Penn Stater, January/February 2008
  • What Katerina Gave Michael
    How a Young Woman’s Tragic Accident Became a Middle-Aged Man’s Second Chance
    Philadelphia Magazine, May 2004


  • Room for Two
    A mother’s only-child status causes conflicting emotions about having baby No. 2
    Fit Pregnancy, December/January 2008
  • Paging Mr. December
    I’ve been waiting for my sexual peak since sex ed. So where the hell is it?
    Women’s Health, September 2007
  • My Mother, My Self
    Raising my daughter is teaching me to appreciate my own mom.
    Fit Pregnancy, April/May 2007
  • I Should Have Slept Around
    I was devoted to a string of steady, serious boyfriends. But what I really needed was some no-strings-attached nooky
    Women’s Health, December 2006
  • For the Love of Poop
    A new mother and father joyfully obsess over their infant daughter’s bowel movements
    Fit Pregnancy, August/September 2006
  • Confessions of a New Mom
    Where’s the maternal bliss? Where’s the bonding? Where’s the love? One woman reveals the truth about becoming a mother—and why no one ever talks about it.
    Philadelphia Magazine, May 2006
  • What’s a Girl Gotta Do?
    Should we measure our worth in wolf whistles? No, but sometimes being treated like a sex object is just what a woman needs.
    Women’s Health, March 2006
  • I Got Your Maternal Bliss Right Here
    The first few months of motherhood are all about adorable cooing and magical parent-child bonding. Right?
    Women’s Health, September/October 2005


  • Should We Have One More?
    I had always planned to have two kids. So why do I suddenly feel the urge for a third?
    Parents, April 2009
  • Fetal Position
    TV sports anchor Leslie Gudel expected to be glowing with a baby on the way. So why was she crying all the time?
    Philadelphia Magazine, July 2006
  • Making Lemonade
    We were inspired by their daughter Alex. Now we’re inspired by Liz and Jay Scott.
    Philadelphia Magazine, August 2005
  • Charlotte’s Legacy
    Meredith and Steve kirby had the most perfect pregnancy. They never imagined anything could go wrong. Now, after a tragedy on the day of their child’s birth, they want to keep other expectant parents from having to face the same heartbreak.
    The Penn Stater, January/February 2004

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